Praise the Lord,


I greet you in that name that is above every name Lord Jesus Christ. It is with joy that we have the opportunity to communicate with you and share information about:


  • Our church

  • Our community

  • Our faith and

  • Our GOD.

We trust that you will welcome the opportunity to fellowship with Refuge Apostolic Church of Christ through the Internet and eventually one day face to face.


The Refuge Apostolic Church has the mission to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, to reach out to the community of our fellowman, to win souls to Christ, through the Light of Love, create an atmosphere of warmth, a ministry of power, and a source of education for those who would seek Jesus Christ Our Lord.


God be with you,





Bishop Ronald H. Carter

Sr. Prelate and Founder






Order of Service



Sunday School - 9:30am

Morning Worship -  11:00am

Auxiliary Worship - 4:30pm


1st Sunday

Communion Worship - 6:00pm



Missionary Worship - 7:00pm



Bible Teaching - 7:30pm



Evangelistic Worship - 7:00pm



Choir Rehearsal - 11:00am

Evening Prayer - 8:00pm